Pro-Social skills for Parenting

(A Project Planned by Khurram Shah)

Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare society is a not for profit, social welfare organization based of Lahore, Pakistan. A team of dedicated individuals bound by a common goal to alleviate the social conditions of underprivileged kids of Pakistanis.

Aims & Objectives

  • The proposed parenting education program is aimed to train parents to raise kind, caring, courageous and compassionate children. Main goal is to inculcate high characteristics in children to learn forgiveness and to treat others with compassion and respect following the parameters of positive psychology.
  • This program will help the parents to see things from broader and clear perspective while deciding how to raise their children.
  • Our goal is to train parents in basic healthy parenting skills emphasizing importance of secure parental attachment, importance of showing love, monitoring the activities in child’s life, establishing rules and remain consistent in that, avoiding harsh discipline, treating child with respect, monitoring child’s eating habits and encourage cyber safety along with safe physical activities.
  • Our target is to gauge social networks, including schools, religious communities along with other community, community based organizations and resources with research based knowledge to guide parents and teachers towards the long-term development of better communities. One of our focuses would be conducting research in this aspect and other focus would be guiding parents and educators regarding the aspects of raising “caring and courageous kids” who understand the importance of forgiveness and show compassion for themselves as well as others.
  • In addition to this empirical studies will be conducted to give insight regarding the importance of those believes and behavior that plays the long-term role in building good community with high moral values, with ethical behavior and skills that support strong relationships.
  • Our goal will to foster certain prosocial skills such as forgiveness, tolerance, generosity, gratitude, moral intelligence, humility by emphasizing on the importance of attachment styles, parenting styles, love and happiness. This work will start from persons, individuality to home, families, society, community and as a whole nation. Through this parenting education program, we will attempt to build a healthy person, a healthy family and a healthy nation. Through following parameters of good parenting raising caring, courageous kids by applying concept of positive psychology.

The prosocial skills such as compassion, forgiveness, Kindness and empathy will not only have positive effect on the personality of parents and their bringing style but also on the mental wellbeing of children leading to development of healthy and peaceful living environment for all.

* Door to door awareness campaign.
* Arrangement of lectures and seminars at schools and colleges.
* Workshop of administrators and teachers alongwith parents.
* Role play, psychodrama provision of material in form of audio visual aids. For giving insight regarding positive practice of parenting.
* Site tours: Newsletters, Brochures, booklets and other campaigns Involvement of other person who are directly linked with parent like medical staff, nurses, peadiatric, gynaecologist, etc.
* Checklist: It will be analysed via research. Through Questionnaire feedback form. Pre & Post rating whatever they have understands.

Medium/Platform to Reach Parents

  • Door to door campaign, brochures, pamphlets, audio and visual aids, development of questionnaires, social media, electronic media, print media, information and communities.
  • We will try to convincing them through outreach programs and invitation, training, workshops, lectures and seminars with the help of psychologists and social workers.
  • Approach school, contact with administration, train teachers, lectures, workshops. For “forgiveness” we can hire counselors/psychologists in school who can directly address the issues of children regarding relevance.
  • We will also use medium such as sports gala, celebration of various public days in school to reach out our audience.
  • Importance of moral values will be delivered through lectures and campaigns will be organized in social setup, school and educational setup community centers so that honesty and positive values will be promoted whereas issues related to social conduct, discipline, aggression, theft, cheating, lying and other related aspects will be highlighted in society.
  • As researches indicate that the role of self-concept and relation with peers, problems in early years can lead to various psychological issues/ disorders. So working mothers will be facilitated and trained regarding how they can compensate their time deficiencies and play vital role in healthier brought up of their children.
  • Day care services with better trained people in guided way can be another focus of area.  Spirituality and religious community centers/ other social settings can be targeted to advocate this very aspect.
  • Education of abuse and mental illness, drug dependence, crime, physical health and in large sense we can focus on aspect of terrorism by promoting healthier life styles as socially specific groups like younger minds.
  • Another need is to address the issue of fear, phobia, depression, anxiety, behavioral and emotional issues in children. So that parents can help their children to focus on generosity, participation in social activities, sports, curricular activities to learn different prosocial skills.

All outputs will be maintained and being monitored by focal person. Pictorial presentation and recording of sessions will be done. Attendance maintained.
Feedback of participants along with involved administration can be taken. Whatever session will be conducted can be recorded and forwarded, forgiveness kindness, empathy, and love compassion.
Checklists: It will be tangible inform of recordings device a pre-post checklist to measure impact of learning.

Short-term outcomes
All activities and steps that have been taken for developing compassion and affection in children via training of parents in positive way will play a corner stone in changing attitudes, creating awareness, knowledge and inculcating skills. Different scales can be used to monitor behaviors studying parenting styles we can take ratings. Attitude can be measured through psychological test for measuring attitudes.

Mid-term outcomes
Mid term outcome will facilitate us in decision, reduction of aggression and terrorism, as we will be going on right track and able to fullfill our objectives for example parents have changed their behavior, home environment and teachers will give us feedback about their behaviors.  Whereas teachers behaviors can be monitored through children and administration. Midterm work can be analyzed through feedback from, rating and can be compared for pre and mid term ratings. Various scales can be used otherwise.

Long-term outcomes
Ultimate set goals to develop positive parenting in which mainly empirically inculcate practice forgiveness, generosity, gratitude, honesty, love, kindness and compassion in children. That will lead ultimately in better community and prevent society from negative attitudes and behaviors ultimately prevent nation from psychiatric disorders and negative aspects of emotional and behavioral issues of human nature, However from changing this concept, we will stabilized tolerant environment friendly nation and can built better society in positive direction making world a peaceful place to live in.

Being a mental health professional and experienced in field we will be able to achieve our goals. This program of good parenting emphasize on raising caring, courageous kids and give them empirical insight regarding the impact of parenting styles on human behavior, and how these behavior can make society productive in growth producing way. Our target is to inculcate prosocial behavior to act upon positive ways in facilitating way by focusing on self. Focused areas are promoting the practice of tolerance, controlling the aggression, enforcing law and discipline in society, importance of encouragement to strength behavior and morality in development of healthier society. Furthermore, importance of gratitude, love and sharing can promote purpose in life. Foundational values can ethically enhance capacity to act morally and develop sound society and better community. one thing that can create hindrance in achieving our goal could be discontinuation of funding and exhaustion of resources.

Impact of Measurement
All outputs will be maintained and being monitored by focal person. Pictorial presentation and recording of sessions will be done. Attendance maintained. Feedback of participants along with involved administration can be taken. Whatever session will be conducted can be recorded and forwarded, forgiveness kindness, empathy, and love compassion.    Checklists it will be tangible form of recordings device a pre-post checklist to measure impact of learning.

Already existing data as Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare society is already striving towards better child health through community based mental health interventions via approaching educational institutions and empowerment of women, families, teachers, administrators, health professionals, parents for taking change of theirs lives and contributing to their own and children health improvement.