Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare society at this moment is running and supporting various schools all over Pakistan to help facilitate the educational needs of deserving students belonging to low income families. We ensure through our network of donators, members and affiliations the deserving students are able to continue their education without any hindrance. We are also offering free healthcare facilities to a large number of deserving people through our associations with various hospitals and clinics.

Our affiliates provide free checkup and medicine to the deserving patients, ensuring proper and prompt treatment is delivered on time. We took initiatives towards restoring and maintaining the sanctity of low income families by allocating a monthly fund to deserving widows and families. This help to supplement their monthly incomes and enable these families to meet their daily needs. All this is possible due to the generosity of our members and donators, who support our cause by donating regularly to help these disadvantaged people.

The Aims and Objectives of our Society are:

  • To provide Social, Educational and Economic Empowerment to Women and Children.
  • To safeguard the rights of the Child and provide for the wellbeing of Children in need, more particularly,
    1. Children exposed to any form of abuse,
    2. Children deprived of education
    3. Children suffering from ill health, physical and mental.
  • To identify the beggars and impress upon them the significance of dignified living and persuade them to take up an alternative livelihood and to take such measures so as to equip them in attaining such means of living.
  • To identify the homeless and the destitute and facilitate their relocation in appropriate institutions.
  • To mentor and provide guidance to the youth.
  • To preserve and protect the environment and propagate the significance of sustainable development for maintaining ecological balance.
  • To conduct a study on various social issues from time to time, gather data, and carry out research.
  • To campaign for awareness on the aforesaid issues by disseminating information among the general public.
  • To take such other measures and render services or assistance including establishment of information centres, provision for shelter homes, setting up of educational, research and training institutions, etc., to the aforesaid class of persons and other persons, as may be necessary from time to time for the betterment of society.
  • To associate itself with any other institution, Society or Association, having objectives wholly or in part, similar to those of this Society and to co-operate with any person or body of persons in furtherance of such objectives.