Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare society is a not for profit, social welfare organization based of Lahore, Pakistan. We are a team of dedicated individuals bound by a common goal to alleviate the social conditions of underprivileged Pakistanis. Our agenda is unbiased and free from any political, racial or religious affiliations. AEWS since its inception in 1996 has been working tirelessly with the underprivileged and deprived communities to offer quality education and improve living standards.

Since our start we have enlarged our scope of assistance from servicing the education sector, to offer quality health care facilities, champion women’s right, taking a stance towards the abolition of child labour, helping low income households meet their daily needs and promotion of tolerance in the society. Our primary focus is still towards providing quality education to children, since youth education is of imperative importance for the development of any society. We believe that only through education Pakistan will develop into a progressive and tolerant country.

AEWS relies heavily on its network of members, donors and affiliates to consistently achieve its goal. Since we are a not for profit organization all the funds generated by AEWS are in the form of donations and membership fees contributed by generous supporters and members. We ensure that every rupee donated is spent towards achieving the collective aim of welfare for the neglected individuals of society.