Pakistan like any developing country has variety of problems stemming out of poverty, corruption and lack of systematic institutional infrastructures. NGOs have traditionally worked together with government and private sector to address issues faced by deprived and underprivileged segments of society. Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare society was incepted out of the urge to extend a helping hand towards the down trodden masses of Pakistan. Our aim is to offer light of hope to those, who see no light at the end of tunnel, to help them live a dignified life by lifting their living standards, something that will eventually lead them to become productive and progressive members of our society.

Pakistan has no dearth of problems; therefore it is imperative that NGOS should concentrate their energies on problems according to their capacity to tackle them. Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare society was founded with an aim to educate children coming from underprivileged families, with the grace of god and constant support from our supporters and members. We have been able to educate countless children belonging to neglected families. Due to the reach of our programs in far flung areas and confidence placed in us by our supporters and member, Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare society decided to extend its capacity to tackle health care, women’s right and child labor issues.

We also took the initiatives to financially support deserving widows and families allowing them live with dignity. Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare society takes pride in its nation building efforts and encourage community service practices by all able Pakistanis. I believe that as Pakistani citizens, we should take proactive measures to counter problems faced by our nation, we must bear collective responsibility to steer Pakistan on the path of progress, tolerance and collective welfare.